Professional Single Engine Flight Simulator

The Nuna Simulations NUS-STAS Aviation Training Device (ATD) is a custom-built, cutting-edge flight simulator system geared toward student pilot, certified pilots, and instructors, allowing them to practice realistic and effective basic/complex flight maneuvers, basic/complex instrument procedures, basic/complex emergency procedures and realistic startup procedures with a focus on proficiency. Our custom-built flight simulator is designed and fabricated to have the capability for flight training in several types of single-engine and complex aircraft.

The flight simulator unit is custom designed to have a realistic flight simulations experience. The main structure is assembled on a raised (mobile) platform with a visual system that includes three 43-inch HD TV’s, realistic avionics panels and cutting-edge control systems. The unit panels, avionics and controls are permanently mounted onto the main panel, which eliminates the use of keyboard, mouse, or any other pointing/input devices to create the appearance and “feel” of an actual aircraft cockpit.

Our top-of-the-line controls board is extremely reliable, accurate and custom built to work in unison with our custom designed controller software. With every system startup our communicator software performs a self-test and self-check to ensure the flight simulation session will be as accurate as possible. The unit sound system adds the extra edge with engine and airplane sounds to have a realistic flight simulations environment.

Our unit is built and designed for several types of airplane simulator sessions, from entry level student pilot to advanced certified pilot, and includes the following airplane models:

1)    Cessna 172 Skyhawk with Gyro Drift

2)    Cessna 172 Skyhawk with HSI

3)    Cessna 182T with Gyro Drift

4)    Cessna 182T with HSI

5)    Mooney M20R with Gyro Drift

6)    Mooney M20R with HSI

7)    Bonanza F33A with Gyro Drift

8)    Bonanza F33A with HSI

The Nuna Simulations NUS-STAS Aviation Training Device (ATD) comes with an operating station which includes a 22-inch touch screen monitor, a keyboard and mouse. This instructor unit is separate from the flight simulator deck while allowing the instructor/user to operate the flight simulator system. Using our custom designed operating software, the instructor/user can:

1)    Turn on/off the system

2)    Perform system updates and maintenance check

3)    Operate the system

4)    Restart session

5)    Pause session

6)    Change airplane session

7)    Simulate an ATC

8)    Create a malfunction before and during flight

9)    Create a total system failure or on a certain rule

10) Create or change the weather

11) Force CAT weather for IFR

12) Change airplane location and/or airport

13) Manipulate airplane altitude, direction, and speed

14) Change payload and fuel

15) Change local time

16) Create a flight plan

17) Record and review flight performance

Cessna 172 With Gyro Drift

Cessna 172 With HSI

Cessna 182 With Gyro Drift

Cessna 182 With HSI

Mooney M20R With Gyro Drift

Mooney M20R With HSI

Bonanza F33A With Gyro Drift

Bonanza F33A With HSI



  • Engine start
  • Taxi and brake operation


  • Run-up and powerplant checks
  • Acceleration characteristics
  • Nose wheel and rudder steering
  • Effect of crosswind
  • Instrument
  • Flap operation
  • Landing gear operation (if retractable)

In-Flight Operations

  • Climb Normal and max. performance
  • Cruise Correct performance characteristics (speed vs. power)
  • Normal and steep turns
  • Approach to stalls, (i.e. stall warning), stalls. Execute from takeoff
    cruise, and approach and landing configurations.
  • Fuel selector function


  • Normal (with & without flaps)
  • Best glide no power
  • Landings

Instrument Approaches

  • Nonprecision
  • GPS and LPV
  • GPS WAAS (optional)
  • Approach procedures (VOR, VOR/DME, LOC procedures on an ILS,

Functions and Maneuvers

  • Precision
  • ILS
  • Effects of Crosswind
  • Missed Approach
  • Normal
  • Surface Operations (Post Landing)
  • Approach and landing roll
  • Braking operation

Any Flight Phase

  • Airplane and Power Plant Systems
  • Electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic
  • Flaps
  • Fuel selector and oil temp/pressure
  • Landing gear (if applicable)

Flight Management and Guidance Systems

  • Two axis auto pilot (if standard equipment)
  • Flight director and system displays (if installed)
  • Navigation systems and optional display configurations
  • Stall warning systems avoidance

Airborne Procedures

  • Holding
  • Uncoordinated turns – slipping and skidding demo
  • Configuration and power changes and resulting pitch changes
  • Compass turns and appropriate errors
  • Simulated Turbulence in Flight (light, moderate, severe)

Parking and Engine Shutdown

  • Systems operation
  • Parking brake operation (if installed)
  • Can simulate engine failure, including failures due
    to simulated loss of oil pressure or fuel starvation.

Can simulate the following equipment or system failures

  • Alternator or generator failure.
  • Vacuum pump/pressure failure and associated flight instrument failures.
  • Gyroscopic flight instrument failures.
  • Pitot/static system malfunction and associated flight instrument failures.
  • Electronic flight deck display malfunctions.
  • Landing gear (if retractable) or flap malfunctions

Independent Instructor Station Requirements

  • Displays published airways and holding patterns.
  • Displays airplane position and track.
  • Displays airplane altitude and speed.
  • Displays NAVAIDs and airports.
  • Can record and replay airplane ground track history for entire training session.
  • Can invoke instrument or equipment failures.

Simulator Dimensions

Width7 Ft (213 cm)
height :7 Ft (213 cm)
Length :7 Ft (213 cm)

Computer Specifications

Operating System :Windows 10 Pro
Case :InWin 305 Tempered Glass RGB
Processor :Intel® Core™ i9-10900KF Processor (10X 3.70 GHz /20MB L3 Cache)
Processor Cooling :Asetek 690LS 360mm Liquid Cooling System
Memory :32GB [16GB x 2] DDR4-3200MHz ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 RGB
Video Card (Visual):GeForce RTX 3080 - 10GB GDDR6X (VR-Ready)
Video Card (Avionics):GeForce RTX 2070 - 8GB GDDR6 (VR-Ready)
Storage (Operating):1TB WD Blue SN550 M.2 NVMe SSD
Storage (Scenery):1TB SSD
Motherboard :ASUS TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS (WI-FI)
Power Supply :1200 Watt - HIGH POWER 80 PLUS Gold
Internal Wireless Network :On-Board Wireless Network
Keyboard & Mouse :Wireless
Warranty :3 Year Warranty Service

Package Includes:

  • Professional Single Engine Simulator
  • NunaAnalog Unit
  • NunaY01 Professional Yoke + Cessna Handle
  • NunaR01 Professional Rudder Pedals
  • Nuna13013 TPM Push Pull Knobs
  • Nuna13001 Audio Panel
  • Nuna13002 GNS530 Simulator Panel
  • Nuna13003 COMM2/NAV2 Panel
  • Nuna13005 Auto Pilot Panel
  • Nuna13007 ADF Panel
  • Nuna13035 Single Engine Start Panel
  • Nuna13034 Fuel Selector Knob Switch
  • Nuna Center Unit
  • Nuna13012 Trim Wheel In Center Unit
  • Nuna13012 Rudder Trim Wheel In Center Unit
  • Nuna13029C Cowl Flaps in Center Unit
  • Nuna13032 Flaps Panel
  • Nuna13033 Landing Gear
  • 8 front panel rotary knobs
  • Gauges software license
  • Nuna Communicator 64 bit Control Software
  • X-Plane 11 Standard License
  • Flight Simulator Instructor Software
  • iPad Stand – for approach plates and navigation information
  • PilotEdge Integration – for ATC integration
  • ForeFlight integration – for navigation integration
  • Startup Station / Instructor Station Computer Upgrade
  • Instructor Station 22 inch touch monitor
  • Instructor Station Table
  • Instructor Station Keyboard & Mouse
  • Flight Simulator Table
  • Flight Simulator Seat
  • Flight Simulator Platform
  • Visual System TV Stand
  • Visual System 3x42 inch 4K TV
  • NunaM1 Mother board
  • NunaM2 Lights/Control Board
  • NunaM3 Control Board
Standard ConfigurationAdvance Configuration
  • Up To 4 Different Type of Airplane Configurations
  • 2 Different Type of Avionics (DG or HSI)
  • On Site Installations
  • 1 Year Maintenance & Support
  • Brunner Force Feedback Yoke
  • Up To 4 Different Type of Airplane Configurations
  • 2 Different Type of Avionics (DG or HSI)
  • On Site Installations
  • 3 Year Maintenance & Support
  • Classroom Application