Professional Single Engine Flight Simulator



We are proud to announce our new Version 9 Professional Flight Simulator Cockpit.


After several requests we went back to the drawing table and redesigned our cockpit with more realistic panels, better response and, most importantly, we are now much closer to reality.


First we will start with our new avionics panel. As you can see, they are much more realistic, in appearance and performance, than the old product we used to install. The audio panel gives you the ability to practice exactly like in your real airplane. The same applies for COMM2/NAV2 panel, XPDR, AutoPilot panel, and the DME panel.


In addition to the realistic view and functionality, we took the avionics panel a step forward - we programmed and developed a board that syncs the lights with the game and the panels. For example, when you click on COMM2 you will have a green LED light behind the button indicating that you are transmitting on COMM2. Similarly the AutoPilot, when you press AP Master or HDG hold, you will have a light behind the button indicating you are in that specific mode.


All updates and improvements can be viewed in our YouTube video. Please click on the link at the start of the description.


We added another toggle switch panel for the parking brake, panel lights, speed brake, cowl flaps and carb heat.


Another update we did is the magnetos panel; we redesigned the panel to make it look more realistic. We also added a circuit breaker panel but for the checklist only.


After several requests, we added a trim wheel and redesigned the landing gear to make the panel more suitable for the smaller airplane.




Our GPS uses a 5-inch high resolution HDMI monitor. The GPS software has been upgraded to a better version.


The Cockpit is equipped with our custom made board, designed specifically for our cockpits. This board allows you to control all the cockpit’s input with a single USB. Plus, this board can easily expand to hold up to 192 buttons and 32 encoders.


The cockpit also includes our new custom made light interaction board (please watch our YouTube Video for more information).




We use several software to make it as real as possible. All toggle switch and button positions connect to a different input. This setup lets you program specific commands for each toggle switch position, e.g. the ON position will send one signal and the OFF position will send a different signal.




The gauge bezels are made from a much thicker acrylic, and the clear inside cover is made of solid ½ inch clear acrylic to protect the monitor. All covers are removable for easier maintenance, such as cleaning, etc.


Some customers put in a request for custom made bezels - the same size outer circle but with a square inner opening. Please let us know if this is your preference as well.


The structure as a whole is much more solid and durable than Version 2 Cockpit.


The decals were previously made using a paper sticker, but this is NO LONGER the case. With Version 3 Cockpit, the decal is made from ¼-inch acrylic plastic to ensure it will not fade out over the years.


Package Includes:

-Nuna Pro Flight Yoke

-Nuna Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

-Nuna TPM unit

- Nuna13002 GNS530 Simulator Panel(realistic size and monitor ) 

- Nuna13001 Audio Panel

- Nuna13003 COMM2/NAV2 Panel

- Nuna13007 ADF Panel

- Nuna13004 XPDR (Transponder) Panel

- Nuna13005 Auto Pilot Panel

- Nuna13035 Single Engine Start Panel

- Nuna13034 Fuel Selector Knob Switch

- Nuna13029 Trim Wheel

- Nuna13032 Flaps Lever

- 6 front panel rotary knobs

- Nuna13033 Landing gear lever

- Gauges software license

- GPS GNS 530 Software License

- NunaM1 Mother board

- NunaM2 Lights/Control Board

- Nuna Communicator 32/64 bit Control Software

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