Professional Single Engine G1000 Flight Simulator



Introducing our new top of the line G1000 Cockpit


This cockpit is equipped with our G1000 module and brings reality to the next level.


This G1000 Cockpit is also equipped with our top of the line interface board that will allow you to control the entire cockpit. 


The G1000 Cockpit includes our newly designed lighting interface board for audio panel. This board connects and communicates with your flight simulator game and is able to get the necessary status from the game, e.g. COM1, COM2, etc. In other words, in the real G1000, when you press the COM2 MIC button you will have a small triangle light above the COM2 MIC button. Well in our G1000 Cockpit it does the same thing.


The lighting interface board also controls the landing gear status. We assigned each landing gear (Right, Left and Nose) a dedicated indication light for each status (Up, InTransit and Down Positions).


The G1000 Unit in this Cockpit includes the Autopilot on both PFD and MFD.


For our new G1000 Unit we continue to use top grade acrylic for panels, indicator switches, decals and certain structures.


Package Includes:

- Nuna Pro Flight Yoke

- Nuna Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

- Nuna13013 TPM unit

- Nuna13020 G1000 PFD 

- Nuna13020 G1000 MFD

- Nuna13019 G1000 Audio Panel

- Nuna13011 G1000 Single Engine Start Panel

- Nuna 13030 G1000 Switch Panel

- Nuna13034 Fuel Selector Knob Switch

- Nuna13029 Center Unit With Trim Wheel

- Nuna13032 Flaps Lever

- Nuna13033 Landing gear lever

- Gauges software license

- G1000 Mindstar License Software License

- NunaM1 Mother board

- NunaM2 Lights/Control Board

- NunaM3 Control Board

- Nuna Communicator 32/64 bit Control Software