Professional Twin Engine G1000 Flight Simulator


After several requests and months of developing, we are honored to introduce our new, top of the line, Twin G1000 Simulator

This newly redesigned G1000 unit will help you fly both, a twin engine and a single engine, with easy profile change. For our G1000 software we use Mindstar Aviation, and we work closely with them to have all features active and accurate in our system.

Our newly designed twin start panel lets you control startup sequence, separate fuel pumps, pitot heat, prop sync, left and right alternator and lights switches in both engine profiles.

For enhanced realism, we added parking brake (under the yoke), landing gear and flaps.

Since our twin simulator can be used as a single engine, it will be customer’s choice between single or twin fuel selectors and different flaps option.

To get the most from your twin engine G1000 simulator, we installed both G1000 unit with AP-GFC-700 and our KAP-140 so you can have more flying options and practice.

The G1000 Twin Simulator comes with a center unit that includes the trim wheel and rudder trim. And, upon customer request, we can also add aileron trims.

Our gaming computer provides the smoothest and most realistic flying experience, top of the line graphics, and it’s amazingly helpful for VFR flights. Whether you choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 visual setup(s), this computer can handle it. Upon customer request, we can add TripleHead2Go for better monitor flow.

All our panels are backlit by default. And recently, we added a dimming feature to help you control the brightness for night flying experience.


Package Includes:

- Nuna Pro Flight Yoke

- Nuna Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

- Nuna13013 Twin Throttle Quadrant unit

- Nuna13020 G1000 PFD Twin Version

- Nuna13020 G1000 MFD Twin Version

- Nuna13019 G1000 Audio Panel

- Nuna13011 G1000 Twin Engine Start Panel

- Nuna 13030 G1000 Switch Panel

- Nuna13034 Fuel Selector Knob Switch

- Nuna13029 Center Unit with Trim Wheel

- Nuna13029 Center Unit with Rudder Trim

- Nuna13032 Flaps Lever

- Nuna13033 Landing gear lever

- Gauges software license

- G1000 Mindstar License Software License

- NunaM1 Mother board

- NunaM2 Lights/Control Board

- NunaM3 Control Board

- Nuna Communicator 32/64 bit Control Software

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